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Go-Live: your checklist before you push The Big Switch

David Charlton

December 15 2016,
David Charlton

Your project team has been hard at work putting the new restaurant technology platform in place. You’ve run pilots to test how the system works on the ground. Staff training is well underway and you’ve even managed to persuade the naysayers to get on board.

All systems are go. It’s finally time to make The Big Switch and go live across the entire organisation.

Or is it?

Take a moment to review the go live checklist in the SlideShare presentation below. Get it wrong and your best laid plans could come crashing down to the ground. Get it right and your business will soon be in high orbit, reaping the operational and commercial benefits as you explore new frontiers.

T-Minus 10 and counting. Buckle in and get ready for lift off... 

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