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New ideas and advice to help you improve the operation, turnover, and connectivity of your dining sites.

Computer Says No: how to deal with resistance to change

We’re all guilty of resistance to change to some extent, but in an organisation this can be a genuine problem when...

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Training and Communication: how to get your teams ready for...

Convincing employees to use new technology is anything but an easy task. All too often, the new platform sits idly...

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System Roll Out: The value of running pilots for new...

A pilot delivers many benefits. Some are related to technology and others are about getting people on board.

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Restaurant Intelligence: 10 Steps to Ensure Successful Data...

Rolling out a new software platform across your casual dining business is a serious undertaking and choosing the new...

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Clock Watch: the four stages of a successful restaurant IT...

Some pub and restaurant businesses need to roll out new technology at a rapid pace.

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Seven Snakes in the Grass: Common Reasons Why Restaurant IT...

Burst budgets, trashed timelines, punctured projects… without careful forward-planning there’s plenty that can come...

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