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June 18 2019,

In Britain, the summer is marked not by the lack of rain, but the thrills that only a tennis champion’s emotions can deliver at Wimbledon -- signalling that it’s time to stock up on the Pimm’s, strawberries and cream.

wimbledon-headerAs the tickets for Wimbledon are out of reach for many, the game is best observed with a single or double in a local venue with a big screen. And for the hospitality industry -- it’s time to maximise potential summer revenue.

Your Grand Slam Summer Sports Stats:

Fault -- your serve not a third-party

Fault-your-serve-not-a-third-partyOur GO Technology report reveals that consumers prefer to book directly on a venue’s website than through a third party, with 60% of consumers using a smartphone to make a booking when out and about.

We now tap, swipe, and click our way through work and play, so it will come as no surprise to venue owners that consumers want to be able to make a booking via their phone during their favourite sporting events.

Customers now expect an experience that includes convenience, speed, and quality.

And when it comes to who they want to book with, they’re loyal and value the trust that your brand or local venue instils. With customers becoming savvy when it comes to their data; they don’t want to be bombarded with offers from multiple venues when they only wanted to reserve a table at yours.

Reservation and pre-order solutions also have tremendous benefits for venue owners during sporting events too, as more access to booking a venue on the phone can increase bookings for your business. You’ll have no overbooking/mistakes and be able to turn tables quicker.

It also enables you to pre-plan, build relationships with your customers (as you’ll own the
data), and up-sell them additional packages, such as jugs of Pimm's - to make their experience go with a swing!

Faster service, please

Nearly half (44%) of customers want faster service according to our recent report. And 72% claim food not coming fast enough is their number one frustration.

“Consumers don’t like to be kept waiting... the demand for speed and convenience has reached new levels. It presents operators with some big challenges - but the good news is that rapid advances in mobile and other digital technologies means that important parts of the customer journey like seating, ordering, food delivery and payment can be made more efficient than ever. These technological advances can shave valuable minutes off the journey of time-poor customers and increase the likelihood that they will return to a restaurant, pub or bar."

Karl Chessell, Business Unit Director – Food and Retail at CGA

Your customers are now becoming accustomed to using an app to order their food and beverages, so it will soon become an inconvenience if some venues don’t offer this service.

If your venue can provide this facility, you’ll also find that your speed of service will improve, as your front of house will have a direct link to the kitchen or dispense bar.

Game, set, match -- now I want to leave 

One in six 25 to 34-year-olds say that not being able to pay quickly and move on is a major frustration.

When your customers have watched the match, eaten and drank their fill of amazing food -- they want to leave. In fact, it can sour what has been a fantastic experience if your customer is trying to wave at waiting staff for the bill.

By providing an app where your customers can not only order but pay too, they’re free to leave when they’ve finished -- and your table is free for another Wimbledon booking.

The technology you and your customers will love

The-technology-you-and-your-customers-will-love-insertliveRES Events & Pre-Order offers real-time booking availability for large parties, which makes it far easier for groups to book with confidence. It also saves you and your team from manually checking the central reservations diary before confirming an event enquiry, as all venue availability is stored centrally - completely removing the need for extra manual work. Your customers will also be able to pre-order food and drinks, increasing your opportunity to upsell.

Order & Pay is another fantastic way to offer incredible customer experience in your venue. With Order & Pay your customers can view your food and drinks menu and order and pay from the comfort of their seat via their smartphone without having to queue at the bar or wait to be served. This means they can spend more time with their friends taking in the sporting action, and less time waiting to get a drink or a bite to eat.

“Ascot is our busiest time of year at Berystede. Zonal technology has gone a long way to helping our staff to take more orders while reducing mistakes and speeding up service. Thanks to Zonal technology we are delivering a ‘thoroughbred’ service that lives up to the Ascot experience!”

Stuart Garrick, IT Director, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

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