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December 18 2019,

blog-liveres-beat-january-bluesHave you explored how Click and Collect could help you beat the January blues and instead grow your business?

January can be a notoriously quiet month for operators, as dropping temperatures, dreary weather and drained bank accounts leave customers wanting to stay indoors hibernating. But with delivery services such as Deliveroo and UberEats seeing record-breaking growth figures year-on-year and online ordering services such as Click and Collect now used by almost a quarter of all consumers, January needn’t be the most depressing trading month of the year.

EPoS-integrated online ordering solutions such as Zonal’s Click and Collect could open up a brand-new revenue stream for your business this January, by enabling customers feeling the January blues to place and order food to collect at their own convenience - to eat at home. Everyone is a winner!

According to GO Technology 22% of consumers have used Click and Collect in the last six months and spend an average of £113.99 on eating and drinking out a month.

Here are some of the many ways your venue can benefit from Click and Collect:

  • Streamlined customer experience

 Click and Collect allows customers to place a custom order and then specify a specific time and day to retrieve the order, allowing operators to tap further into customers close to their restaurant. With consumers wanting to stay in, Click and Collect adds the convenience and flexibility that your customers expect, whilst reducing wait times and pressure on kitchen staff as they can plan their orders throughout the day. Not having to deliver an order economically benefits both the operator and customer alike.

With consumers demanding convenience and customer experience, Click and Collect streamlines the customer experience and can potentially elevate customer loyalty and retention.

  • No third-party fees

Using Click and Collect means that you do not have unexpected bills at the end of the month due to commission fees to third-party sites such as Deliveroo which can account to up to 20% per order. It also means that you do not lose your loyal customer base to a third-party site.

  • Upselling opportunities

Click and Collect allows you to upsell products, packages and high margin items driving increased revenue. And according to GO Technology, more than two thirds (71%) of users eat out weekly, and their average spend is £28.23 more than those who have never used Click and Collect.

  • Increased market share

Your richest source of customers is going to be those that live nearby. By making it easy to enjoy your food without having to sit in at your venue, especially during the January blues when consumers just want to be at home allows you to win more the market share.

  • Expands your operations

Your venue may be limited for space but that does not mean you have to limit the number of orders you accept. Click and Collect will enable you to put more orders through your kitchen, without eroding profit margins helping you grow top-line revenue and ultimately grow your customer base.

  • Adds operation efficiency

Customers who use online methods to order and pay for food and drink means that less time and effort is required to process the order allowing you to focus on the quality of the food and the customer service provided. Ordering is much more streamlined especially if it is fully integrated with your EPoS, no rekeying of orders is required, and orders are only shown to the kitchen when preparation of the food is needed reducing the pressure on the kitchen.

Implementing Click and Collect is easy and smart and adds a new revenue stream for your venue. Find out how early adopters, Pizza Express have been capitalising on Click and Collect and how it triggered a 5% upturn in sales with our Click and Collect webinar.


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