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January 7 2020,


Mowgli prides itself on being a home-from-home, where customers can enjoy warm hospitality and comforting, delicious Indian street food. But its previous technology provider was failing to support Mowgli’s vision.

A lack of system integration was impacting operations. Its reservation system was hosted on an external site, giving customers an imperfect booking experience.

And a lack of EPoS integration meant that Mowgli were unable to effectively link spend with customer reservations. Mowgli could not see which customers were loyal or repeat visitors and was missing an opportunity to give them an even warmer welcome.


Introducing Mowgli

Mowgli was founded in 2014 by Nisha Katona, who was later awarded an MBE for services to the food industry. Since the first restaurant opening in Liverpool, the chain has now expanded to 10 restaurants around the UK.

“Zonal’s great for integration, and the booking system itself is super intelligent. We’re able to allocate tables and design things in the way that we want in each site, which is awesome.”

Emily Burroughs, Operations Administrator, Mowgli

Read on to discover how Mowgli benefited from linking their table management system to their EPoS:


What products do Mowgli have?


Complete ownership of the booking process

Mowgli used a booking widget on their own website belonging to a third-party booking service before switching to liveRES. This change meant they were able to provide a better booking experience, without sending bookers away to another website or booking widget. This also ensured that all booking data was completely owned by Mowgli, not shared with a third-party booking website, and removed the headache of paying expensive commission fees, enabling them to make significant savings.


Better understanding of each customer

Linking their booking information to their EPoS enabled Mowgli to get a much better understanding of each customer. The integration has given insightful reporting on business performance and who their most valuable customers are, and they are also now able to identify and reward their most loyal customers.


“The fact that it links up with our tills is very useful.

Everything is much more streamlined now.”

Emily Burroughs, Operations Administrator, Mowgli


“The fact that we can track repeat custom is a huge benefit. We weren’t able to track customers beforehand, but now I can see that some customers come three or four times a month!”

Emily Burroughs, Operations Administrator, Mowgli


Quick and simple

Mowgli’s move to Zonal’s EPoS-integrated restaurant booking technology, liveRES, meant that table allocation and management before and during service was quick and simple. As a fully customisable solution, liveRES was easily integrated with Mowgli’s existing systems and gave them the freedom to customise each site according to their individual needs.


Next steps

Although much has been achieved already, this is just the beginning of a rewarding relationship. Mowgli are looking at taking advantage of Zonal’s additional range of integrated solutions to help improve business performance.

“We’re looking to start sending text reminders, which will be really useful for smaller table sizes. We don’t have anyone confirming bookings with customers, so that will allow us to remind customers about their booking and reduce no-shows.”

Emily Burroughs, Operations Administrator, Mowgli


“We’re also looking into taking deposits, which we think would be really useful. Because we have an integrated system, deposits will be redeemed automatically on our tills. It’s a huge, huge bonus, as it means less time with manual admin, plus it saves confusion if someone accidentally subtracts the deposit from the wrong table! With group bookings on a weekend it will save a lot of time when we’re busy too.”

Emily Burroughs, Operations Administrator, Mowgli



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