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David Charlton

July 17 2019,
David Charlton

50 years ago, people all over the world were glued to their box-sized TV watching Apollo 11 landing on the moon.

To celebrate this, and perhaps to bring such a monumental event back into orbit for the younger generation, The UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres are encouraging business owners to join in.

What’s happening and how do I take part?

According to the ASDC:

The weekend of July 20th/21st 2019 marks 50 years since humankind landed on the moon, and this historic event will be celebrated across the globe in the form of festivals, live stream events, TV specials and a range of public programmes and activities."
“Our space and physics project manager, Dr Jaclyn Bell, will be a central point of contact for coordinating UK activities. Please fill in our Google Form with a short outline of your plans to express an interest in being part of the collaboration.”

Events are the perfect opportunity to capitalise on a topical event that will drive extra revenue to your hospitality venue. From thinking up new menus that will delight adults and children alike to creating some moon landing colouring books to entertain the little ones over lunch -- it’s time to get your space suit on.

LR-AT-50th-Anniversary-of-Moon-Landing-internalAppetizers to Accelerate your venue’s PR and profit:

  1. Change your menu to Space Suit Specials
  2. Think of your audience -- children will love a space pack, adults more a moon martini
  3. Advertise your collaboration with the ASDC by holding a special science event
  4. Incentivise reservations with a sweet space treat
  5. Suit up to impress your customers and decorate your venue
  6. Turn tables quickly to maximise your bookings with real-time reservation
  7. Delight your customers with easy pre-order and payment options
  8. Contact existing customers to let them know about the event
  9. Understand your customers' preferences
  10. Ask for feedback so you can learn

Watch your bookings take off

GO Technology report tells us that 45% of guests prefer to make their reservations online, while 20% like to call.

This is where venues that have 24/7 online reservation systems will take one giant leap for hospitality during the moon landing celebration. With real-time availability, you can easily fill up tables quickly and release any no-show tables to last-minute bookers.

And when it comes to the other 20% who prefer to call, tools such as liveRES Bookings by Phone powered by IOVOX will ensure that every call is answered. LR-AT-50th-Anniversary-of-Moon-Landing-internal-02

Deliver a customer experience that's out of this world

Unlike the moon, ensure your venue has a perfect atmosphere. This isn’t just the decor, but easily ordering from a phone without waiting for the serving staff or queuing, the calm way your customers’ food arrives on time, the politeness of the server even during peak times, and the ability to pay and leave without waiting.

Research tells us that over half of customers want more speed when it comes to food orders arriving on time, in fact, it’s the number one frustration for 72% of diners.

And according to PayPal, 91% of customers want to pay using their mobile in the next 12 months.

Encouraging your customers to order and pay with a handy app avoids the frustration of:

  • Queuing at the bar to order food and drinks or waiting for serving staff
  • Waiting to pay when your customers have finished their meal

Which in turn reduces:

  • The stress of serving during peak times
  • The time lag from order to kitchen


  • The number of tables you can turn
  • The happiness and relationship your staff can build with customers
  • The revenue you generate from remembering the moon landing


Don't leave critical customer data on the dark side of the moon where it can't be used

The success of any event launch, like that of Buzz and Neil, is all in the preparation and the data. To vastly elevate your chances of being fully booked, you need to use your customers data.

This isn’t just having access to their email address, which is sometimes held ransom by third parties, it’s understanding their behaviour to draw them into your venue. It’s also that all-important Feed It Back cycle that helps you to learn how your customers feel you did.

Harness this pre-event power and you can fill your moon boots when it comes to bookings.

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