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David Charlton

April 27 2018,
David Charlton

Zonal and Wireless Social’s special event celebrates the huge value added when marketing and IT working in collaboration.


From ancient royal families uniting through marriage to Hollywood A-listers dominating tabloid headlines, the concept of power couples is well established. Two parties – both influential in their own right – combine to create an unstoppable force. Together they’re capable of achieving much more than they could ever do on their own.

And in the modern hospitality environment, marketing and IT are the new power couple on the block.

A modern power couple to meet modern customer expectations

At first glance they may not seem the most suitable partners. The traditional perception depicts marketing as dreamers, big on ideas but not so hot when it comes to practical implementation.

As for IT, they were the geeky guys in the basement, geniuses with software but with little understanding of how that could benefit the customer.

But all that has changed. Marketing and IT now work hand-in-hand to conceive, create, and deliver customer experiences that have a real impact on performance.

IT are no longer ‘just’ enablers, bringing marketing’s ideas to fruition. Instead, they explore technological possibilities together to map out valuable enhancements to the customer journey.

A single focus

The strength of this new power couple lies in the alignment of a key goal – the customer.

Conversations aren’t focused solely on launching new products or littered with meaningless buzzwords.

Marketing and IT both put the customer front and centre, with all proposed activity designed to provide a better customer experience. Because in a competitive marketplace, it’s the customer experience you deliver that truly helps you stand out from your competitors.

The Power Couples event

To celebrate this new partnership, Zonal and Wireless Social hosted a special event at Berry Bros. & Rudd, Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant.

We invited marketing and IT leaders from some of the biggest names in high street hospitality. The evening was an opportunity to share experiences, discuss current and future trends, and enjoy a three-course fine-dining experience with exquisite wine pairings (well, it would be rude not to!).

Watch our video of the event to see what leading hospitality brands have to say about the new power couple. Watch video.

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