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Why great service starts before your customers arrive

Olivia FitzGerald

August 17 2017,
Olivia FitzGerald

"Tailoring is important. The point is to fill empty tables, not reduce revenue from the full ones."

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When it comes to an exceptional dining experience, the proof is in the speed of the pudding. That’s because it’s not just the quality of the food that matters to customers. The customer journey starts before they even book, and a slow and disappointing experience can leave a bad taste in the mouth that even the most flavoursome food can’t shift.

Building trust and persuading diners to choose your pub or restaurant begins with browsing. If your site is quick, efficient, and engaging, then potential customers are far more likely to convert. In your customers’ minds, a good online experience bodes well for an amazing dining experience to follow.

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Nowadays, online also means being mobile-friendly. Customers who are in the neighbourhood increasingly want to check availability online, and 90% of mobile users browsing for somewhere to eat convert into paying customers by the end of the day. If your booking widget shows real-time availability, they can quickly make a booking before making their way to your pub or restaurant.

If your site isn’t optimised for mobile though, customers may decide to look elsewhere. Engage your potential diners by displaying menus and options in a user-friendly format, rather than attaching unwieldy PDFs. When faced with poor layouts and illegible text, almost two-thirds of users will give up and look elsewhere.

Once your customers have been entranced with your site and booked in a flash thanks to real-time availability, it’s over to you to wow them with your food. And because your customers have had such a great experience from the get-go, they’re more likely to splash out and indulge in that pudding we mentioned a minute ago.

“Increasingly, customers expect to be able to make restaurant bookings online. Giving our guests the flexibility to book in the way that best suits them is important in helping us keep our edge over the competition.”

Kenny Skelton, Digital, CRM and Insight Director, Greene King


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